Hey people.. Yes I’m back and THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY. Well, if you must know, I wasn’t off per say I was just not available officially. So expect lots of posts coming your way.

I’ve been saving this post for a very long time in my head, structuring it in different forms but I think it’s high time I let it out. Many people don’t know how powerful this single word is. We just hear the word FOCUS and we stop on the surface meaning which ordinarily means to concentrate. But have you ever looked beyond that particular timing someone told you to focus to ask yourself the question “FOCUS ON WHAT?”.

Just like the picture on display, there are lot of things but the person choses what he wants to focus on through the lens. Someone walks up to you and tells you, ”Focus on your life” do you really know how deep those words are. I’ll help you break it down.. Focus [look in-depthly and concentrate ]on your principles, your priorities, your passion, your career, your education, your flaws, your choices and decisions, your friends. To look in-depthly is to examine closely.

Examine closely and concentrate on the little things that you think are nothing because you never can know the flaw you’ll correct that makes the difference. The decision you will carefully make that’ll cause a turn around. Now a days, the truth is a lot of us don’t care enough to pay attention to details.

This is a short wake up call guys.. you have the weekend to yourself.. lol.. Go down memory lane and carefully examine your life. Trust me it’ll make all the difference. You’ll figure out enough to write a book lol… Point out those flaws, make necessary corrections, take steps, ask to be directed. Start focusing on everything around you carefully. Plixx..I’m not saying you should keep a straight face through out and wear a frown and say “Lois said to focus”. .. you’re on your own oo. It starts with the heart guys. Put on a smile try to get the message out of everything and the sky can only be your starting point.