Hii guys.. So this post is going to be in two parts because it is very long and I really do not want to bore you as a result of the length, thus making you to miss the intense message this post has to pass across. I got it as one of these social media broadcast messages, I don’t know who wrote it but I said to myself “THIS IS A MUST READ”. We’ll take three stages today and the remaining three tomorrow.

Social deception very often is a process by which wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong. It’s a complete paradigm shift of opinions, standards and morals that is achieved soft;y, subtly and often takes a generation to entrench into society. Those who engineer it are very deliberate and structured in their approach.

If you want to know what I am talking about, find out your mothers view on things like sexuality and marriage and compare them with yours. The contrast in opinions does not necessarily prove that she is old and antiquated; it may instead prove that you have been deceived.

There are six stages of social deception:







If I wanted to popularize the most unimaginable thing in our society say like beastiality (the practice of having sex with animals). I would follow these steps, I would send a forerunner to drop the SHOCKING message on an unsuspecting public. “It’s okay and we shouldn’t have problems having sex with animals”. He would announce on radio, tv or in a newspaper. That is the SHOCKER, the bombshell so to speak.

It would inevitably be followed by OUTRAGE. The forerunner is abused and demonized by the bewildered public. Every respected leader in the society comes out to slam the lamentable reprobate who dared suggest something so obnoxious. The forerunner defiantly defends the practice. His critics come out even more scathing but the forerunner knows exactly what he is doing, he is setting an agenda.

Many people don’t understand the effect of continuous exposure on human mind. Once the bestiality message reaches the THIRD stage; DISCUSSION, the forerunner has done his job. At this stage, there is a big debate over bestiality; with most people still slamming it not knowing that they are falling into a trap. It is a known fact that homosexual groups abroad were given money to people fighting homosexuality in Uganda. Then they will also fund those pushing for it. Initially it didn’t make sense until understanding came about how deception works. What they wanted was to keep the subject of homosexuality in public debate. The more people are exposed to it through deception, the more it becomes less obnoxious in their minds.

The next stage is the tolerance stage…(to be continued…)