Hii guys.. THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY. So we started a post yesterday and we’re rounding up the post today… This is me thinking to my self “perfect timing” we can take the weekend off to really think about this post.. Just incase you missed the first post kindly go to the homepage. Now In continuation..

The next stage, TOLERANCE. At this stage, people say “I’m not going to have sex with animals but if someone choses to do it, that’s his problem”. Others will say, “who cares what people do behind closed doors?”. This is the stage that science kicks in to prove that people are born with an inherent attraction, “natural orientation” towards animals and they cannot help themselves. Consequently, bestiality will be included in the United Nations Human Rights Charter and activists are given a new pursuit. The main purpose of this stage is to ensure that bestiality is legally accepted.

The next two stages are aimed at entrenching it at a social level. The penultimate stage is ACCEPTANCE. Here, all the outrage has been dissipated. Those who still oppose bestiality are called BESTIAPHOBIC, the word will be coined and they will be considered as antiquated, old-fashioned, dogmatic etc. This is the stage in which there are bestiality rights parade in major cities.

The final stage is Veneration. This is the stage were people who practice bestiality are praised. The liberalist media subtly promotes them as cool, intelligent and exposed. The stage where celebrities come out to reveal that they are proud bestialists. Then bestiality begins to win fresh converts because many young people will do anything to be seen as cool.

Unfortunately, in Uganda homosexuality has reached the fourth stage which is TOLERANCE while in the west, it is at the VENERATION stage. That is how you corrupt a society, that is how unthinkable things like atheism, homosexuality and others have taken root in our society. Well, your mother might not be out-dated after-all, you may have been deceived.


Let’s take sometime out to really analyze the truth in this message and let it sink in, so that we don’t let our ignorance contribute to depreciating society in it’s entirety.