Hyy guys.. this is me hoping we are trying to pull through the week.. lol. So it’s been a while I went spiritual but trust me this is worth it. Hmmmm ..well, I was on a road trip and a very popular text was read out and explained. Thing is everybody just reads this text but many like me inclusive have been blinded to the real light behind it. A lot of you would agree with me that you’ve always known the bible text of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden when you were very little, how satan deceived Eve and all of that. Adam’s eyes were opened and he saw that he was naked and God came down in his usual manner to fellowship with them. God called Adam asking where he was but he couldn’t come out for he was ashamed of his nakedness.

Now I’m pretty sure you’re still wondering where the light is..lol..before my little suspense kills you. Here goes “Adam..Adam..where are you?” God called. Are you trying to tell me that God in his infinite wisdom did not know where Adam was or that he had already disobeyed him?. The answer is No. God knew but he still asked.

Most of us in the society today are like Adam. We’ve disobeyed and turned our backs on God. Things are going south for us and like Adam, we are ashamed, plagued with our guilt and are supposedly running away from God. Giving excuses just like Adam did telling God that it was the woman that he God gave to him that was the cause of everything.

We have failed to take responsibilities for our actions and like Adam, blame the people God has put in our lives to support us and make us better forgetting they have flaws too and using their errors to make excuses for ourselves. God is just watching us, heart broken and asking us.. WHERE ARE YOU?. Moving from the literal sense, he is asking “WHAT ARE YOU REALLY DOING”.

Enough with the guilt tripping, random excuses and all the unnecessary things you’re doing to put up a show trying to cover how messed up things are with you. Take a bold step and confront the situation rather than cower from it. One day at a time is just enough time. This was really deep for me and I hope that it touches someone out there so much that it causes a turn around in their life. ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR WEEK GUYS.