Hyy guys.. THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY. So today’s post is really going to give you something to think on. For starters, I’ll ask some self-questions. Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you felt you knew exactly what to do and then it’s like ”wait!” what exactly am I doing? OR you thought you had something all figured out, your plan was on point and you’re like there’s just no way this could flop. Something little that you never expected happens and before you say Jack robinson, everything comes crashing and you’re just dumbfounded and the only message that keeps re-occuring is,,”this wasn’t how I planned it”. Keep that somewhere guys and let’s continue.

We’ll all agree that the defining factor with mistakes is that they are never deliberate. I’ve been in a phase for sometime and you can say there’s quite a lot on my mind.

Are mistakes really mistakes? What do I mean. You “mistakenly” woke up late for an interview you were meant to attend after some years of being jobless. You had an exam and mistakenly wrote a wrong answer for a question you knew that had the most marks. You constantly feel you made a mistake in your marriage. You were having sex and your boyfriend’s pull out game that used to be strong wasn’t so strong at that moment..that’s a mistake right there and now you have a baby out of wedlock for it. Pretty sure we can relate to all the scenarios and even paint more for ourselves.

Here’s the real question.. “what if” all these mistakes are part of God’s big plan for us. We’ve heard of children born out of wedlock but are top influential stars today and so many more. It just all boils down to something. Mistakes happen, sometimes they might be life-changing and you just keep asking God why but I’ve come to juggle my understanding that every body’s destiny is different . Sometimes God allows these mistakes so as to break us, to help us realize something, to bring us closer to our purpose but most of the times we’re just blinded with hate, anger, pride, bitterness, resentments and regrets of what could have been while what is yet to be is way better.

And pleasssse don’t do something deliberate, in your right thinking and hide under the umbrella of “it was a mistake”. Tell yourself the truth.

Well, here’s my encouragement to someone out there, what’s done is done. Don’t allow the devil blind you to not seeing what is just right in front of you. Always trust God and you’ll be fine. It’s hard, it really can be hard but step up, trust God and stop guilt tripping yourself.. LAST LAST ..WE GO DEY ALRIGHT. HAPPY AFRICA ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND.