Hii guys, so this is going to be the longest series we’ve ever had and it’s going to be for six days. I’ll tell you what birthed it because trust me, there’s inspiration everywhere you just have to look well enough. *CLEARS THROAT*…Lol..I’m really not a stalker but few days back I did some stalking on my gram. I was going through the profiles of some of my uncles and aunties from childhood. Some of them I’ll just look at their pictures, no caption…some of them think instagram is their personal gallery..lol but one thing stood out and was unique.. FAMILY.

I’m really going to do a lot of attacking on both genders so don’t say I didn’t warn you before time. That being said, If there’s anything that is tough..very tough to deal with, is RELATIONSHIPS because they deal with emotions. That’s not even the hard part, the hard part is that you have to cope with your emotions and someone else’s.

It’s a sad thing that our generation is blessed with a lot of sophisticated technologies, beautiful applications and gadgets but unknowingly we use these tools to further justify our social deception rather than stay GENUINELY WOKE. What am I saying?.. We overtly let what we see on these social media platforms influence our thinking in that it is safe to say 90% of us don’t have a mind of our own.. We unknowingly seek the approval of the social world even in our thoughts… “What will people think”… “He’s okay but not presentable enough”… “He doesn’t have a car they’ll say he’s poor”.. “She’s not thick enough..I can’t show her off”…the list is long.

Here’s the truth that you won’t hear often from people “EVERY MAN OR WOMAN GOES THROUGH THEIR SECRET CHALLENGE IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP” and that’s fine because nobody is perfect but what’s not fine is you MISINTERPRETING EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

He took her to dubai for personal holidays and they were posting pictures everywhere.. Excuse you, who told you he gave her proper attention through out… This caption is so cute “I’ll never hurt you because you are my world”…who told you he didn’t just beat her up claiming it was subtle correction…Your friend posts a picture of the new car her man gifted her…what makes you think he cheated on her and was trying to win her back…

Think on these things TO BE CONTINUED…