Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey..lol. So to everybody that has followed this series up to the fourth day, we say thank you. As usual, you can recap from.. https://www.theloistalkblog.com/single-post/2018/05/30/HARD-RELATIONSHIP-TRUTHS-3

We’re coming to a conclusion and here’s a general advice. In relationships, balance of roles are extremely important. As a lady, you should know that the workability of the relationship rests with you. Most ladies don’t know this. If you want a relationship to work it will and if you want a relationship to fail, It will. That is why to call the shots, you need to be well informed and calculative. Trust me it’s all In you. It is important to sit yourself down and tell yourself the truth if a relationship is workable or not before venturing into it because this is the first step to exercising your authority. It is the starting point and once you’ve failed here, it’s going to be a lot on you. Learn to support in all ramifications.

To the guys, if you lack vision, you really need God. There’s more to that verbal authority you think is found in the words “I’m the man of the home”. What should we use that to do?. Action speaks louder than words. Show us you have plans and that you’re leading us towards a positive direction. So we know we’re not headed for a ditch hole. Be disciplined and focused, treat your woman right.

To everyone out there, cut your coat according to your size. Stop being selfish, greedy and unreasonable, be content and always strive for better and more with your partner because two heads are better than one and two can achieve greater.

Do not be influenced by other people’s lifestyle. As we all grow, we find out that we become detached and find ourselves more inclined to family. Not just to our immediate family but more importantly, the family we intend to establish. God-willing that happens, you realize that you have new priorities and friends will become surface worries. Very key, It is important to be content amd patient in your growth. You may not have everything now but with focus, hard-work and God trust me the sky will be your starting point ONCE there is a VISION.

It’s important we stop criticizing people’s relationships and like wise stop sharing the personal details of our relationships. It’s a two people affair and not a convention of the world. Lastly, nobody can be 100 percent perfect, mould your man or woman to what you want. Even at that, you might be able to change 20 percent, like 60 percent and have to deal with 20 percent you couldn’t change.

To be continued…