Hii guys..I trust your week is going on well. In my last post I said I travelled out of my country. So, I travelled to the United States for a three months cultural exchange summer work and travel program. It’s like working and hanging out with different people from different nationalities.

Basically, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with people from Russia, Turkey, China, Spain, Nigerians, people from different parts of and outside America.. I saved the best for the last.. SOUTH AFRICANS inclusive . I’m getting to see and hear wonderful breedings 😂😂 like.. my dad is from Egypt.. my Mum is from Germany and I find that kind of cool you know..

I’m getting to see people serve in the military which…well in my country Nigeria 🤧🤧 back to what I was saying..

This post is going to be a mini series of three days. I’ll just give you the gist on some things you hear that can be very offensive.. *rolling my eyes* literally.. you should read for yourself

-Do they use IPhones in Africa… They be making Africa sound so small like it’s not bigger than the United States. It’s like “yo..this is a whole continent we’re talking about hear”
-This document your presented is it in English?

My heart starts crying😭😭😭pullleasseee get yourself educated. Moving on.. the common vocabulary you’ll hear..
– I gatchu.. ( Everybody is always getting somebody… yimu😂😂)
– I appreciate you… they cannot just say thank you.. lol
Yes… they find it hard to just say “ I’m sorry” without an additional phrase attached to it… So I’ll break that down. In Nigeria if you dash your foot against a stone… we can be like “ sorry”. In America .. “ I’m sorry hit your foot”

Just saying I’m sorry is like you caused the person to hit their foot..🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️oh well different nationalities..
Next episode I’ll be dissecting the different nationalities😊☺️.

To be continued… 


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