Hey guys…so it’s day 2 and yesterday, I mentioned that I have interactions with people from different nationalities almost on a daily basis. Today I’m going to be giving an almost general description of what each nationality potrays attitude wise.

Here goes…The Chinese people… lol, they have this unity and togetherness buttt.. trust me, you don’t want to see a terrible Chinese dancer dancing.. it’s going to hunt you for days…😝

Turkish👌🏽 they are more reserved to themselves but very helpful and will interact with you well when you interact with them too. The Turkish guys love fooood more than me (you know what that means)🤦🏽‍♀️

The jamaicans…Their accent is beautiful. It’s really the complicated and interesting form on Nigerian Pidgin . 🤧🤧🤧send a message if you want to find out the other side of them
Spanish people..
so this conversion transpired between the Spanish and the Nigerian fam bam
…woke up in the morning
Spanish girls: hey guys..we’re going to Chicago
Nigerian girls: ooh wow that’s nice..
Spanish girls: Do you guys want to tag along ..the round trip flight is 150 dollars..
Nigerian girls: coughs internally…awwn…we’ll get back to you on that..

Later…Nigerian girls
-where are we going to sleep??
-how many days??
-how many hours would I have missed at work??
In conclusion: This thing no dey Favour me biko… I’ll travel somewhere close😂😂😂

The Spanish guys are can’t take them away from their cigarette…their dancing and party..

The Russian people..their language is sweet..beautiful but hard…they are friendly..and some of their guys can be hot😫.. but not hotter than African men😊👌🏽..
To be continued …  


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