Hiii people..Its the last day of our mini-series. To everyone who has followed us on this extremely short journey, I say a very big thank you❤️. Well, I saved the best for the last…
I’m going to talk extensively on South Africans…🇿🇦
First of..I really don’t know why there was xenophobia ( Nigerians getting killed in South Africa and all) because these people are blood to me. For starters… they were the first people we met here when we came. When they heard we were Nigerians… they were screaming out of excitement…

They show us different kind gestures… lol.. I’ll basically be telling you some really crazy things you really didn’t know about on the bond between Nigerians and South Africans 🇿🇦

-Some South Africans can recognize a Nigerian man by the back of his head😂😂🇿🇦👌🏽
-Some South Africans can recognize A Nigerian woman by just looking at her bare foot

Moving on guys…so I’m really good with pronouncing names and getting it matter the country… “bet” I met South-Africans and their names told me … “hol-up”

There’s this particular tribe.. “tchlosa”.(I don’t know if I got the spelling)..don’t bother trying to pronounce it, trust me you can’t get it that easily. It’s so tough, I was repeating one name 10 times and I still didn’t get it. Still working on it though.. lol
They watch our big-brother naija, they listen to our music and know our artistes, they watch nollywood and can literally pronounce the Igbo words, they know our veteran actors😭😭what else again now…

Some words you should know in South Africa
Friend- chomi
Hey- eita dah
God- Shukwenbu shayina
-Nkulukulu wami

It’s a beautiful me.Thank you for your patience guys…Have a splendid Friday. I ❤️y’all.


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