Hi guys…it’s Sunday and I decided to go spiritual plus it’s been a while.

So there’s this part of the Bible that says God has made us simple but we make ourselves complicated (ecc 7:29) and I’ll take a pause and try to say somethings we may relate to.

Have you ever just sat down, overwhelmed at a particular life situation that was your present dilemma. You started overthinking, of course overthinking leads to you thinking about your whole life . In less than 5 minutes you’ve prolly thought about your future and past. Trust me I Know how that shit works cause I can be a chronic over thinker sometimes.

Resuming from the 2nd paragraph. Aren’t you puzzled like what was Solomon trying to say when he said God has made us simple but WE MAKE OURSELVES COMPLICATED???
Well I’ll just wrap this up. I’ve known this verse for more than 4 years and I was always puzzled by it. You can say I got the light recently. God was basically trying to say trust me, always consult me in your choices and your decisions. Do what you can do and leave the rest for me. Stop struggling to do it on your own, “my ways are not your ways. Do this and life will be simple.
Have a splendid week in advance guys. I hope this kick-started your week mentally. 


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