Hi guys, it’s mid-week and I’m hoping your week has been fair enough. So I’m pretty sure you’re staring at the title of the post and your head is messing with you like what does she actually mean😂😂. You’ll know in a short while.

I went for an orientation and I had to watch a video where the speaker was talking about LOLLIPOP MOMENTS. 

In his words, he was talking about how he made a lady comfortable on her first day of college with a simple gesture and he forgot about the memory. Fast forward 4 years later when she was about to graduate. The lady narrates the experience she had that made her feel not so bad on her first day of college.

Basically, he was saying those are moments that should be celebrated. We celebrate birthdays once every year but then the little time someone takes to make a moment of your day better should be appreciated by you and also acknowledged to the person.

You really do no not know who needs to hear those kind words to feel better and do more. Hence changing the world and impacting in the “littlest” way. Tiny drops of water makes a mighty ocean. Yes it will take a while but you’ll have an ocean in the end. Everybody needs love guys. 
Enjoy the rest of your week and don’t forget to wear a smile 😊 


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