Heyyyy people.. TGIF😊. So this is one of the craziest post I’ve made in a while and lagosians will relate more to it (Lagos state,Nigeria).

Yes so I’ll be giving some details on my tour to new-York (alone). For all the people that may not know, a “jjc” is a “journey JUS come”😂😂.it can be likened to a fresh man in a university. So it’s like a fresh man in a place.

I was a fresh man in NEW-YORK city.. with all the crime rates and all. I had to catch the city bus. Took the subway a lot. Had to ask a lot of question about the 1 and 8 trains, get a metro card, learn about the east and west lines😂😂😂 my God, It was exhausting and fun at the same time.

At some point two Arab men came to sit beside me, wearing turbans and clutching their bag packs so hard and my mind went to the movies where people will put bombs in their bags and I’m praying “Holy Spirit i cannot die In this Amureeka….I’m not even with my passport for recognition 😂😂”.

At some point also, I gave someone money at the subway cause he asked and he helped me out with direction it was like all those guys on the road side that ask for money in Nigeria . Only for a man to tell me if the corps had caught me I would have been arrested 😂😂🙆🏽‍♀️. Me that is an immigrant without my passport in hand😂😂. It was God sha.

So guys, if a jjc can tour New York alone to an extent and came out in one piece, then a jjc can tour Lagos. Dear Mr. Tarikabor, you need to read this.
Enjoy your weekend guys😊. 


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