Hi guys…trust your week is going on well. I really do not know one word to use in describing what this post entails but it’s a write up and I hope everyone can relate in different levels. Keep enjoying your week😊
When you speak to me let your speech be glazed with wisdom and graced with affection and I’ll listen.
You miss me: call me, send voice notes, check up on me
If it’s not my birthday, anniversary or a proposal don’t surprise me
Don’t wait for me to ask for appreciation when I know I deserve it.
Don’t love me like loving is a chore
Gift me…

I’m a woman and part of the purpose of my being is that I’m an incubator.
You give me sperm, I give you a child
You give me groceries, I give you a meal
You give me a house, I’ll give you a home.

I don’t make an argument on who will bear the child. I see no reason why there should be an argument on who will pay the bills.
Be honest with me. Tell me you want a fling and I’ll check my physical and emotional schedule
Tell me you want a relationship and be ready to perform your roles and duties as I do right by you.

What you give determines what you get as the man. My reaction is geared towards your action.
I’m not saying there are low days when I won’t support. I’m just saying know your sole responsibility and make no excuses. 


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