Hii guys…FINALLY….THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY😊 So this happened a while back and I had this post drafted waiting for the right moment. I’ll give a short story as to what happened…

I went to make my hair and on my way back, I stopped to buy roasted corn because I just wanted my mouth to move small. I was eating it happily and minding my business on my way home oo. That was how some road side mechanics and low lives along the way started calling my attention. Well, my mummy told me not to answer strangers😂 so I just kept my gaze focused and was still eating my corn. When they saw I wasn’t giving them face, they started calling me a “hungry girl” and a “house help”. I actually wanted to react but I didn’t.

I went to buy what I wanted, walked passed them again. This time they said nothing. I was still holding the finished corn. I threw it away, bought another corn and passed them while eating the second corn. They still said nothing. Now, here’s what I’m driving at.

Most of all these unnecessary savage replies we see on social media and comments that lack reason are from people who are of a very low- class. DON’T GET ME WRONG, low class in this context is generalized to the people who want CHEAP ATTENTION, who refuse to DEVELOP THEIR MENTAL FACULTY, who are unnecessary HATERS, who are JELOUS OF WHAT YOU HAVE, who lack SELF-LOVE, who FEEL INTIMIDATED AND INFERIOR…Trust me guys, the list is long.

These same set of people are found in all works of life and they are the one’s that make some rich people STINGY, ARROGANT and PROUD and come back to criticize them, they make the world less than how they found it by VICTIMIZING THE EMOTIONS OF HUMAN BEINGS with their CHEAP IGNORANCE.

Here’s my advice to everyone, keep on being the POSITIVE you that you are and don’t change for anybody. Refuse to make haters powerful by giving them CHEAP ATTENTION. BLOCK, DELETE AND SPAM THE MESSAGES of all careless talkers on your timeline and social media platforms. This world is too “wonderful” on it’s own and we all need less bad blood and bad vibes in our life’s. BE YOU AND THE WORLD WILL ADJUST [FULL-STOP]

😂😂😂I was angry when I wrote this post. Some truths have to be said in the hardest way possible lol…


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