Hey guys, so it’s mid-week and I’m hoping you’re trying to stay positive. So this post was birthed when I read a Francine Rivers Novel “BRIDGE TO HAVEN”. Some of you may have read it, some may have not. Today’s post however is gotten from Abra’s rejection.

To quickly summarize, her mother gave birth to her and left her in the dark, A pastor eventually picked her up and brought her into his family but due to the stress his wife went through taking care of her as a result of her heart condition, she died. Again, Abra is passed on to another family because the pastor couldn’t take care of her as a result of his personal dilemmas too.

Many of us will relate to this story, I mean what do children know?. They have vulnerable personalities, their thinking is gullible and so there’s a 70 percent possibility that abra could grow up basking in the complexity of “hey.. nobody wants me” , basking in her shell, hiding all her potentials and a lot more.

The thing is we have many abra’s in our society today. Yes, life may not be rosy for some, you weren’t born with a silver spoon, you never had a child-hood because situations and circumstances forced you to start growing up and you’ve created this little private and solemn corner for yourself somewhere in your head. To wallow in self-pity, to think of the things that could have been, to ask God why and throw shades at him, to compare yourself to other people.

Here’s a wake-up call. START GETTING UP!. Nothing is going to change if you don’t change it, like it or not. Nobody is going to help you as much as you’ll help yourself, nobody will live out your destiny for you living in the shadows and letting you take the whole credit. Everybody’s destiny is different but one thing matters the most, the sky is big enough for everybody to shine.

There’s only one of you in this world, bask in that uniqueness and stop giving your past or your current situation the power to put you down. Trust your process, Trust God and START GETTING UP!.


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