Hii guys, happy Sunday and happy new month officially😌. Gradually the year is coming to an end and we say THANK YOU LORD.

Straight to business…
‘Because destinies are different and grace varies’. I want you to take that sentence in and prolly pen down your first understanding of it. That being said, those who follow me to an extent and have splendid memories would have seen me post this a couple of times.

As every human is unique and different in personality, goals, visions and lifestyle, that is how our destinies are different.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation and you have this strong feeling that the devil is using different means to try to bring you down and you have to be extremely careful with your life…

Hold on to that…
Like some people will spend two hours to read and understand and some others will have to spend five.Most times the factors that affect this is training your brain, reading a lot, practice, by so doing increasing your mental speed. That’s how grace is.

Grace varies because people don’t spend the same amount of time in their secret place. Other factors like intercessory prayers and service and many more things also exists.
Trying to draw a link between the two, your destiny and purpose is totally unique to only you and how far you want to incure MORE grace is totally dependent on you.

In summary watch your life and be extremely conscious because the devil is not sleeping. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU AND QUIT TRYING TO PLEASE OTHERS EXCEPT YOU FIND A PERFECT SYNC because In the end you’re left ALONE with your regrets or happiness of the choices and decisions you made.

Have a splendid week ahead guys. 


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