Hii guys, so I’m back to my home country Nigeria. I’m well settled in school and before I continue dishing out my posts, I felt it was necessary to share with you how my program ended and the people that made my stay worth-while.

I hope you enjoy it😊

Me in Manhattan, on my way to jfk airport, saying my fair well to New York City.

A restaurant on a ship at the harbour pack Philadelphia that I wish i entered 😂😂😂

Just me striking a pose of excitement 😊🤷🏽‍♀️

Some cultural artifacts at the magic garden Philadelphia.

Lois x Nosa at the magic garden Philadelphia.

This was me and my host/tour extraordinaire as she will call it. Osato Nosakhare. Child hood friend till date😊. Philly was great because of her.

This was me in Philadelphia

Amandaaaaaaaaaaa. My south-African sister and partner in crime at work. We did all the crazy work things together and she gave me the little south-African knowledge I now have.😊😊❤️

I met Justin towards the end of my program. An introvert that I fear will remain an introvert 😂. I think he likes it that way.

This is me on one of kalahari’s numerous elephant sculptures .

Still antia❤️

Antia…. my Spanish friend that is a doctor and you’ll never know because she lives her life to the fullest, travels and tours the world.

I met maya at the pool. She’s such a bright minded little miss. I just had to take a picture.

Well, this is bill. How did I meet him?? A hook-up site that I used to just chill around and meet new people. How long did I see him??, One day😂😂😂. Just for the fun of it🤷🏽‍♀️

Shaneeeeee. One of my south-African lead supervisors that was nice to me.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this big guy😌😌😌😌. Apart from the fact that if you touch me😡😡you gonna be in the hospital😂😂😂, he looks like THE ROCK😊. ANTHONY❤️

Me in my chef attire😊

My Chinese colleagues and I

Job Skaara Exantus…he gave me some of the best memories in Pennsylvania. Fun,full of life, energy and vibe, Gives too much trouble, a goal getter, doesn’t know how to give up and has a strong personality.

Sedzani😭…she’s just fun on another level. A south-African sister and someone you can bond with in the shortest amount of time.

This is me and manager Steve on my last day in Pennsylvania. Steve is just extremely chilled and never gave me trouble😌😌