Hii guys, so I’m going to be doing a 5 day review on leota’s garden. Just a quick run on into the life of the author FRANCINE RIVERS. She writes fictional gospel books that can give you the chills if you meditate rightly on the words and look beyond the surface.
Having said that…straight to the point😊

The garden
So for starters guys, this book opened my eyes to see beyond the initial perspective of what gardening really is. The garden was mans first dwelling, Jesus was betrayed in the garden, Adam and Eve fell in the garden. Firstly the garden can be seen as a place inside us.

It can be the secret place we carve out for God in our heart just like Jesus in the garden of gethsamene where like Jesus we separate ourselves inwardly and outwardly and cry to God to prune us, trim us, weed the unwanted plants in us, cut out the withered leaves, where we tell God to plant new seeds of love, joy, the fruits of the spirit. The garden can also be our personal and solitary alter between us and God.

Now where some of us might get it mixed up is that we want God to do all the changing, we forget it’s our garden that we created and so we have to do all the work and rely on Gods strength. We have to water the plants hence flourish and try to make efforts in our personal relationships with people, we have to prune hence try to live a conscious and intentional life, try to let go of all the things that are unwanted and can serve as hindrances to our growth physically and spiritually.

We have to weed hence, removing toxic people from our lives that do not contribute to our growth. The list is long but we have to remember that we have to make the garden pure enough for our relationship with Jesus to flourish because his presence makes the garden to blossom and causes peace, joy and happiness.   


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