Hey people, it’s the second day of this review and for the remaining days, I’ll be examining critically the lives of the major characters and how they represent some factions of the society.

Today is just strictly Leota cause she’s the main character.

I see her leota in two different lights. First I see part of her as Jesus and the second part of her as human. 
Now don’t get confused, before I go into this explanation deeply, it’s just like how people expect men of God to be perfect but somehow, they forget that there is a man before God in their title . Hence they have a human part

Seeing Leota in the person of Jesus, she spent her life working and letting her father-in-law take the glory, trying to protect his ego. Of course her mother-in-law was unaware because she tried to protect the pride of her father-in-law. She kept silent, took all the insult, watched her mother-in-law turn her children against her gradually but there was little or nothing she could do because she was also struggling to keep her own sanity of having to work, having to support the whole family, living with a husband who was depressed his whole life as a result of the war. 
She struggled and got by with the bitter sweet memories of what was and had only God to get through to preserve her strength. Hoping and praying in her later years that her children will learn the truth that they never asked of, have a relationship with her and make her have some sort of joy before she goes to meet the lord.
I see her in the person of Jesus because she sacrificed a lot. In fact all her life. I imagine her whole life as Jesus on the cross and asked to save himself when he really could but he had to fulfil the scriptures. She had the chance to speak up but waited till her children were ready to here the truth… bringing me to the human part of her

Sometimes just like Jesus paid the price for Christianity, one person has to sacrifice for the family for there to be a break out and for the family to stand strong. Most of us know this person in our various families. To those of us who know, take your time to put yourself in the persons shoes, so much internal struggles to take in, fighting, holding on, distancing of ones self just to keep his/her sanity. Try to appreciate In the little way you can. 
To those who the price was already paid long before your generation, be grateful and always try to give back to humanity. To those who do not know but suspect something is wrong with either of their parents, stop assuming, try to find out how much you can, ask questions and be positive and optimistic about life. 


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