Hey guys, it’s day 3 and I’ll still be talking on the personalities of the characters for the most part of this review. To all those who have followed through from day 1, I say a big thank you.

Now…in continuation;

Helen reihnardt
The mother-in-law of Leota who never understood anything but always judged Leota as abonding her children with her to work. She eventually found out the truth when her husband told her everything years later on his dying bed about what Leota really did. She felt sorry and never said an ill word about Leota until her last breath.

It’s funny because you the reader is just wondering how someone can be so dim-witted. It’s like can’t you add two and two and know that something is amiss.
We have a lot of Helene reihnards in our society today. People who always jump into conclusions, make assumptions( 🤦🏽‍♀️serious turn-off). People who are loudly judgemental, who never sit down to ask questions. They kill your personality, turn people against you and then when they eventually find out the truth they end up feeling sorry because then the damage is done.

We should learn to ask questions and not jump into conclusions as if we’re being chased with a machete. Then again from another perspective, the same sun that melts the ice, hardens the clay. In other words, someone can be the devil to a person and be an angel to you. Learn to experience people for your own self and not from the testimony of others.

She was the daughter of Leota who was literally poisoned by her grand mother Helene about her own mother. I won’t blame her completely because she was a confused child who didn’t get any explanation other than that of the supposed villain who was also wrong about the story she was telling. Hence Eleanor had to grow with bitterness, striving for perfection, hating her mother, feeling abandoned out of lack of understanding and this shaped her whole life. It was obvious a void was missing in her life. Went through 3 divorces, had two children, held on to her past, blinded by too much hate and never sought her mother to ask questions and hear directly from the horses mouth.

Hateful and bitter assumption of the past without settling it into the future could ruin the future
Someone once said, you give the past the power to hurt you by holding on to it even in the future and that In plain words was Eleanor Gaines.

To everyone out there holding a grudge of so many years, bitter,having lots of regrets and wondering if things could have been different, it’s not easy but for your Peace if you can’t let go, summon up courage and find things out for yourself. To your amazement lots of things can be settled when talked out in a calm state.
Let all those bitterness go and be at peace with yourself in your own skin for your sanity.