Still in continuation guys…I’ll just be focusing on two characters today and wrap this review up with the last two important characters tomorrow.

George Reinhardt
He’s my definition of being alone and having no one to relate to. His father passed away and so did his grand father. He was never close to anyone. Probably he had to “man up”, get a job move out and look for distractions to fill that void in his life that no one could ever understand.
Shutting himself out and not letting anyone in.

Sometimes yes people around us might not be able to relate to the kind of pain we’re feeling but just talking about it to REASONABLE people makes us half understood and feeling better that at least someone can share the understanding of how you can feel.

It makes you feel a little bit of closure, makes you bond better with the person and gives you the chance to loosen up with the feeling that yes you are not alone. The world however is indeed too large and you can never be alone except you genuinely want to. God exists and there are uncountable humans.

Corban Solselk
He was the university student who had to use Leota as a case study for his term paper because he was working on a project which pertained to putting old people in a care facility with everything in it. His professor wouldn’t give him an A because he wanted him to be more practical hence he had to look for a case study and found Leota.

Corban represents those people in the society that think because they are educationally sound, they don’t need to see with the eyes of experience to understand better a lot of things.

Most times in life, we need to TRY to walk in peoples shoes, try to feel what they feel and try to carry their burden, try to see through their eyes before we make our judgements because then and only then can we have a say and term our judgements modest.

Half way through Leota as a case study, he had to boldness to walk up to his professor to request an f because he was totally wrong. At least, he had the balls to admit it🤷🏽‍♀️.That was a good quality of Corban.

When we’re wrong, no matter how much it’ll bash our pride or bruise our ego, we should always summon up courage to admit it because it shows realization, willingness to learn and growth all together. 


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