TGIF and we’re ending our book review today. To all those who followed through and shared the posts, thanks a lot.
In conclusion, ate the two last important characters in the book.

He could be classified as the black sheep from a christian family whose parents had to let go of him to leave the life he wanted. However, his parents had to keep hoping and praying for a change until he eventually came to the realization that his life had so much better to offer than how he was spending it.

He represents to me the relationship between parents and children. Sometimes not every child ends up good and yes as a parent you would be worried( easy for me to say cause I’m not one yet😊) but then the reality remains that you cannot “comman died”. You have to trust God and trust the process of your children’s upbringing that you saw through that you and keep praying for them. Never loose hope and be optimistic.

She’s the grand-daughter of Leota. I define her as prayer answered. Sometimes, as humans we pray to God and expect our prayers to come in certain form and it’s almost like we’re so sure that this is how our prayers are going to be answered not knowing God has better in stall for us and that we are basically belittling ourselves compared to God’s promises for us.

Leota found a daughter and grand daughter in Annie, someone to comfort her in her old age, someone that understood her and saw through her eyes. Someone filled with hope, love and positivity. She prayed for less and God gave her far more better.

In the end,it goes to show that Gods will is always better and his ways are definitely not our ways. We have only but to trust him, trust him and keep trusting him without any alternative because in the end, once his integrity is committed he can never fail.

I hope y’all enjoyed the review of this book guys and you learnt a lot just like I did. Have a splendid weekend and be expecting to hear from me on Independence😊 


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