Hii guys, we’re into the week and I’m hoping everybody is coping.
Pretty sure we’re tired of all the small talks we get when we ask people if they’re fine and they reply “yes”. Meanwhile, it’s sooo obvious that they’re not. It’s too conventional, cliche and most times, a very big lie.

A lot of people on a daily basis go through depression. Sometimes, we excuse ourselves to use the rest room, cry and free ourselves from all the choked up tears in our throats. Wash our faces, arrange our make-up , breathe in and out and tell ourselves it’s going to be fine. One day at a time, one step at a time, we’re going to win, we’re going to get there.

We encourage ourselves, try to stay positive, look for distractions so as not feel trapped in the world we want to create and that’s fine. But you know what’s not okay?, don’t tell me you’re fine when you’re not. For me, If we’re not close I’ll most likely tell you I’m okay. I’m trying to be conscious about this too.

Every body goes through a lot of challenges and yes sometimes you want to scream and ask God why me? But someone out there IS going through worse. So be still and find comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one.

We tend to side-line the fact that a little smile from someone, appreciation, checking up here and there, saying a little word of prayer for your friends, can go a long way to brighten their day.

Embrace these challenges guys, stay strong and grow through it. Be grateful for your blessings and always tell yourself that it’s a temporary phase, you’ll get through it and you’re gonna be okay.

Check up on that friend you haven’t messaged or called in a while guys. Try to make someone smile, give a complement. Trust me, it’ll go a long way.


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