Hii guys, once again FRIDAY is here and I would like to leave you with this post.

A very good friend of mine sent a link to me to watch a video and the speaker was talking of how she felt at peace alone with herself. She realized that she compromised her happiness by being with people when she should have being with herself and basically, that was the crux of everything she was saying. Listening to it, I just picked out one sentence and it was “THE BEAUTY IN EMPTINESS”

At first glance, you’ll prolly not get the full idea but sitting down and really thinking about it there is beauty in emptiness. Emptiness in the freedom of your spirit, emptiness of no emotional attachment, emptiness in peace and emptiness in “your own” self.

Maybe you should ask yourself certain questions to understand this better.
When was the last time you did something for just you? When was the last time you went out and spoilt yourself without waiting for somebody to tag along for fear that it’ll be boring? When was the last time you travelled alone? When was the last time you took a stroll and plugged your ears, zoning out with beautiful music?

The beauty in emptiness is having an empty spirit, a blank slate and choosing to fill it up with your own content. Now literally this cannot be possible because you think about a lot of things daily but I’m not coming from the literal sense. I’m talking about emptying all the attachments in your spirit and be deliberately conscious of the contents you fill it up with.

This simple act will trigger the observation of your self both inwardly and outwardly like never before. You’ll figure out what gives you joy, what you detest. You’ll create a “self-relationship”with yourself with the knowledge that you have to invest in that relationship. The best part is you’ll know what you need to invest in that relationship. Above all, you’ll find incredible peace in yourself that you never thought existed.

This post is quite technical guys but I pray you get the light from it.
BIRTHDAYS ARE SPECIAL😌LAWALJesus baby😂😂 keep popping that melanin for Jesus girl. Happy birthday.


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