Hiiiii guys, we’re into the week and Today I’ll be dropping some highlights on “Citizens Engagement and Good Governance: A Road Map to Nigeria’s Development” . The quoted statement above, was the theme of the Conference I attended on Sunday 21st October. To view pictures and know more about the organizers you can click on the link👇🏽
The Youth RoadMap Initiative
Major highlights
– Rebellion is not bad, it is what you rebel against that determines its nature.
– What you have to say is as important as how you say it.
– It is my dream that one day in Nigeria, citizens will be willing to help this nation and not the citizens taken for the nations help.- I might not be able to cause a change but I can trigger something in the heart of someone who will.
– Every man should be concerned with politics because a single policy from your political leaders can make a rich man poor over night.
– Scars are proof that your wounds have healed. What scars do you have from fighting for Nigeria.
– Develop yourself, be aware and fight for anything against your values, start from your grassroots, Make disciples.
– Majority of Nigerians are always attacking the Federal Government but if you look deeply, the State governments are more corrupt.- What are you doing as a follower to be the leader you want to see?- Leadership is NOT a title, it is SERVICE
– Nigerians having experienced the military style of government practice “every man for himself” and as a result have a lot of selfish people in the nation.
– We said the pledge every morning in our primary and secondary schools, so why is every Nigerian not patriotic?
The list is long, and I must say that I learnt a whole lot.
I look at Nigeria and my heart aches and hurts. I’m not one that is aspiring to be in a political position one day and a lot of you reading this might be like me but the most important thing, GET INVOLVED.
Show love by giving food to that man whose vote will be bought for a bag of rice.
Educate that woman whose vote will be bought for 3 yards of Ankara.
Teach that child on her rights and give her a copy of the constitution.
These are little but practical steps that’ll give our democracy a turn around and do all these genuinely and with positivity as your core motive.
The change in Nigeria starts with you as an individual, spreading this change to those around you which in the end will spread abroad.
A lot of things were mentioned that time will fail me to mention, next time come for the Conference or organize one😊.
Start from somewhere guys, just start. Be the change you want to see.


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