Hii guys, This post was meant to come on Friday but due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s coming today. So I was in church and the preacher made a popular statement
“it is not the water the ship is on that makes it sink but the water that gets into it”
And everybody was just like “hmmmm” , “deeeep”😂
But My mind went the extra mile and this is the part were you have to focus else you might miss the point.
So here was I thinking to myself
The water represents life and the ship represents you as a human.
So rephrasing the statement , it is not life(challenges and situations) that makes you sink. (Pause)
The second part of the statement “the water that gets into the ship”
Before water gets into the ship, the ship must have hit something on the outside and this can be as a result of events. All of which boils down to the captain most of the times cause he’s directing the ship
Now (play)
“It’s not life challenges and situations that makes you sink but how you direct your life.
Directing your life ranges from the consciousness of your growth, observation of your mistakes, willingness to learn and unlearn, your focus level, how you set your priorities, the ideologies you operate with and a host of other things.

The same water that the ship can move freely on, is the same water that can sink it. As individuals, we are moving through life and life is part of us. Like I said earlier, it just depends on how we direct it.
Yes challenges will come, it’s never going to be smooth but hey, you’re the captain and your ship has already set sail a long time ago. If you’ve been going the wrong direction or your ship is about to capsize, it’s left for you to make that turn and save your ship.
I hope you start your week with the knowledge of this. ENJOY!


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