Hi guys….quick information I’ll be a little bit off cause my exams are kicking off already. That being said, for starters I don’t roll out posts on Tuesday’s but this was necessary. Inspired by lecturer and I don’t think it could have come at a better time.
The untold story of my purpose discovery. I must say (I’m shy🤦🏽‍♀️)

Story story…

The particular event that intensified the zeal to discover my purpose was during the dope 2017 conference when one of the speakers in her presentation said “start something no matter how little, Just start” and I couldn’t shake it off. Before then, I had at some point in my secondary school wanted to start a blog but I pushed it aside.

However, I felt God’s leading and I started. Initially, I was looking at the monetary part along side as compensation for the value I was offering but I kept this aside because I was enjoying what I was doing, the joy I felt when people thanked me for a particular post because they related to it.

Challenges came such as network issues in school, I had to be waking up at 5am when the network was really strong to enable me publish my post. People came with their opinions to make it an entertainment blog which I declined, I had to personally pay graphic designers. My 17 year old self was hardworking to an extent😂. My parents helped me with my first and last hosting fee from them😂. The blog wasn’t paying but I continued what I was doing.

Before I started blogging, I asked God “but what will I be writing every time?” Because a lot of people have blogs that have folded up and he said “just start”. I started and found myself coming up with posts every single time. It’s been almost 2 years with almost 200 articles 99% of which I wrote and still counting.

My reasoning has become deeper, my intellectual understanding broadened and I have direction. My reading and self-search has been on an increase listening to the likes of the Myles Munroe, Td Jakes and many others. I’ve met destiny helpers and I’m still meeting, the holy-spirit has aided me every step of the way. I’ve had confirmation dreams, the vision is expanding and I’m yet to unfold so many things( watch out for this space).
End of story.

Having said that guys, my purpose is to be a mental inspiration and a financial influencer. Everybody needs inspiration everyday. A lot of youths are suffering from depression, insecurity, inferiority complex, negative peer pressure and the list is long. We all go through challenges that nobody understands and we don’t want to share.
Shifting to the Nigerians that need enlightenment on Female genital Mutilation, the Nigerian that suffers sexual abuse and harassment,the increase in illiteracy, low mental capacity and self-underestimation. The list is long and my heart aches.

I’m not going to tell you how to discover your purpose rather, I’ll just give tips on likely things to do that’ll help you in your purpose journey.
1. Pray and don’t stop asking God. Have an expectant attitude and be conscious so you don’t miss what he’s trying to say when he speaks because he can speak in many ways.
2. Your purpose might not necessarily be in what you have passion for. Rather it MIGHT be in what you’re zealous about. What are you zealous about?
3. No where is too small to start. The deeper you go, the more the revelation of your assignment.
4. Tell yourself the truth, does it sit well with your instincts? What long term value is it adding?
Finding your purpose at an early stage gives you direction on:
1. The jobs you should reject
2. The courses to study
3. The country you intend to live in
4. The lifestyle you want to portray.
To sum it all, still DIRECTION. Better finding it now than later when you’d be recounting your wasted years and “had I known’s”.
What is your assignment? what are you doing to change the status quo? who are you influencing that cannot pay you back?
Meditate deeply on these things and do have a splendid week ahead. 


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