Hii guysss, my short break as a result of exams, traveling and school stress in general is finally over and trust me when I say there are lots of drafted posts that have been waiting to be published. However, this post couldn’t have come at a better time giving that the new year is fast approaching.
(Just Incase you missed my birthday moments🙂)
Post-birthday highlights

Without further a do, strategy simply put, is a PLAN of action designed to achieve a long-term or over all aim. Strategic planning has to do with some key things that must be present in your plan to ensure its efficiency and workability. Hence, we can say “to strategically plan, is to plan strategically” 😂. Pretty sure some of you saw that stunt coming, almost like they told me “Lois, tweet like an influencer”.

Back to base guys, so when trying to strategically plan there are three key things you should to look out for.
– your direction
– Your decision; towards this direction and
– Your resources.
Firstly, you should ask yourself; What is the purpose of this plan?, what is the point? Of what use is it going to be? Secondly, where am I heading to with this plan? In essence, what am I trying to achieve and thirdly, do I have ENOUGH resources to pull through with this? You don’t need to have everything initially but is what you have going to be enough for the now.

In doing this, you have questioned the direction of your plan. Subconsciously, you’ve started stream lining and working on decisions you’ll take with effect to this plan, putting into consideration the availability of resources within your reach. Strategy, ensures uniqueness because what works for you will most likely not work for others. In essence, how have you drafted your plan to suit your lifestyle and pattern following the 3 key things stated above? 
Strategic planning ensures clarity. Hence, do NOT wait for the 1st of January to start writing down your plans and then you write “New year resolutions”. If you’re on this table, please 2 legs are already off and I suggest if you don’t want to fall down to SELF-EMBARRASSMENT, you jump down quickly.

I hope this serves as a TUESTIVATION to someone out there who was just waiting for a push to start planning. Enjoy the rest of your day guys✌🏽🙂. 


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