😂😂😂I had to laugh first, please guys what came into your mind when you heard this title?. I advice you share it with someone and laugh it off. THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY and for starters, we’re going to be looking at this topic from two perspectives, focusing on the latter.

The first thing that actually comes to my mind without reasoning on hearing “emotional bank account”, is when you have little money in your bank account and then someone appeals to your emotions by giving you money. Thus increasing the money in your account and in return causes you to be loyal to the persons demands. This makes some degree of sense “innit”🤷🏽‍♀️

Now the second perspective, transcends beyond the physical entirely. It is you opening actual “emotional bank accounts” with people. Don’t be confused; Yes, you need to go to a bank to have an account with them for you to be able to deposit, withdraw money and even take loans and we all know banks vary from policy, to currency and country.

Here’s the thing with emotional bank accounts, you’re bank is a person and you deposit triggers to positively influence that persons emotions which you’ve chosen. Triggers such as attention, care, love, understanding, financial help and aid, intellectual prowess, advice, physical and spiritual growth. The list is long guys, but all of this leads to one thing, RELATIONSHIPS.

Emotional bank Accounts are not limited to country, currency or policy; just reasonable boundaries and varying personalities. Choose your emotional banks carefully before you start depositing and investing. Don’t deposit in a bank where you can’t take a loan from or the atm is always having issues and (las las, dem go swallow your card). As we approach 2019 guys, any opportunity you see to network and connect DON’T SLEEP ON IT. The world they say is a small, start building meaningful relationships with people. A lot of us are nonchalant about this and we make excuses that we’re “lone rangers”. I’m a Lone Ranger but I have a lot of people around me.

Use this weekend to evaluate yourself; how many emotional bank accounts do you have, please don’t include the dormant ones 😒, just the functional ones and how many do you intend to create. HAVE A BLISSFUL WEEKEND.


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