It’s Christmas eveeeeeeeeeeeee guys, who’s excited??😊😊
Okay to all those who have gotten Christmas gifts, I’m currently very jealous of you because in this part of MY world; I’m lying down on my bed, swiping through all my social media platforms as usual, didn’t get any Christmas gift (don’t feel sad for me, I know it hurts but it’s never really been a thing over the years so I’m used to it). Basically, in all honesty it’s looking like a normal holiday for me (nobody is even cooking in my house with all the food available🙁). Tomorrow I’ll prolly go spend my time at the orphanage home and feel better.

Forgive me if the above paragraph was (too much information). Just wanted someone out there to feel loved and not sulk if you share same plight with me and someone to be more thankful if you’re on the other side of my divide. Plus it’s been a while I gave you guys some personal gist too 🤷🏽‍♀️.

So today guys, we’re just going to be talking about balancing the sheets. Yes it’s Christmas Eve, the year is coming to an end and you really just want to check your books and balance every inequality and indifference out to enable you gain more clarity for the new year.

Address your broken relationships if there are any, make a list of your 2018 achievements and things you learnt (helps in monitoring your growth, keep this in a safe place and make comparisons by this time next year), write your plan down for the new year. By plan I don’t mean resolutions; I mean the kind of person you want to be, the friends you want to keep, the adventures you want to attempt on your bucket list😌, the things you want to do and not do. To sum it all up( the 2019 life and beyond you want to live). Let it be your 2019 guideline. Bearing in mind that ANY PLAN YOU FAIL TO WRITE DOWN IS A WISH.

And heyyyyyyyy

Common don’t be lazy, if you’re a poet, write a beautiful piece about that friend. You don’t need to be extra if you don’t want to, send voice notes, sing for them( you don’t have to be BACH you know). The little things really matter, appreciate the people who have made your year. Create the extra-ordinary out of the supposedly ordinary this Christmas and make someone feel loved.
A big surprise awaits you all after the Christmas celebration. For now, MERRY CHRISTMAS from LOIS TARIKABOR, (CEO TLT BLOG) to my amazing readers😊.

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