HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS☺️.This is our first official post and I must say, January isn’t as slow as it normally is for me. So this topic has been on my mind for some weeks now and I felt I should share my thoughts on it.

I was in a Keke napep waiting for other passengers to get in and a little boy was hawking sachet water. I called him and I gave him 200 naira and he’s like “ I don’t have change”, thinking I wanted to buy water and I’m like just take the money. He takes the money, thanks me and continues selling his water.

Although it was all I had at that moment, I felt a little bit down because I was thinking to myself “what is 200 naira? what can it do to this boys life? I just shrugged off the feeling but here’s the thing. In life there will ALWAYS be rich and poor people, you’ll find people with a higher status than you and you’ll be higher than someone else too but the most important thing when it comes to doing good is to just play your part. What do I mean?

NO GOOD IS TOO SMALL. I was feeling down because I was thinking about a whole lot. “Should this boy not be in school, has he eaten, does he have good clothes” and trust me when I start over thinking, I go all the way but that shouldn’t have been the case.

God can use you to favour someone, and can use someone to favour you. This life can just be funny at times. It’s like what if God was using me to stall that little boy to eventually link him up with his destiny helper at some place🤷🏽‍♀️ well we never can tell.

In all guys, no matter how little just play your own part in doing good to someone. You never can tell the change your “little” good can cause in someone’s life. Some things can actually be deeper than they seem. THE LITTLE THINGS MATTER.
Enjoy the rest of your week guys.


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