Hi guys😂😂 THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY. I’m pretty sure most people have already “assumed” that I want to talk about something SPIRITUAL while others are like “what does she want to say this time, just look at the topic; LOIS I CAN’T DEAL” 😂calm down you’ll soon find out.

Yes, so I’m going to be talking about the “huSSLe“ today but for starters let’s look at the bundles of good news that arrived December 2018: Our Mummy, FUNKE AKINDELE welcomed her first set of twins, TOOLZ also welcomed her child and one thing was very spectacular with these Nigerian house hold names (the public never saw it coming).

Currently “we are hearing that Adekunle Gold and Simi dated for 7 years” with throw back pictures as proof. They’ve done engagement, likeeeeee🤷🏽‍♀️ Helllluuur I still feel like we don’t know the full gist cause they’ve not openly come out to address it. So it’s basically like people are still somehow in the dark. What’s my point?

Let your progress show like a thief in the night😎. I live a very “public yet private” life on social media, meaning I show you what I want you to see and the rest, you’ll have to find out yourself that’s how our success should be, it should just be shown to the world unexpectedly that people will be wondering “how did it happen”.

The cases mentioned earlier we know they HAD problems pregnancy wise and as they went secret, VOILA. Not everybody that is openly happy about your success is secretly happy about it and guess what, “YOU’RE NOT A MIND READER”. What people don’t know, they can’t spoil. Information no matter how little is key. Hustle in silence and let your progress do the talking. Bottom line guys, LET THEM NOT SEE YOUR SUCCESS COMING.

Have an amazing weekend😊 


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