Hii guys,THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! I’ll like to apologize for my current inconsistency as January has a bulk of activities for me which will be explained to you all in due time. So, I saw this picture a while back and it appealed to my conscience and seeing it today again, I just thought to myself “you should say how you feel about this”.

Whoever created this picture, whoever cried those tears, had a lot to say, was burdened and was in deep pain. I see it that the creator was very sad at that point. You know that moment when you’re trying to piece your emotions together and you get a hug from that friend and you just let everything go and just break down in tears.

Inwardly, It feels like a shattered glass that you’ve managed to patch together and once you get that hug, everything just falls apart and its like you’re getting a different message, your emotions start telling you; stop trying to patch me up and gather my pieces, with time I’ll draw to your heart in my complete form and you’ll just have the imprints of the scars on the outwardness of my glass. Meaning that you’ll heal but no, you won’t forget never the less, whatever you choose to do with the knowledge of your experience and hurt, boils down to you.

Well, this is me trying to relate to your conscience, yes! You reading this
Because, we’ve had those down moments where it’s like:
“Dear lord,
my lips are too heavy.
Let my heavy heart speak for me and let my
tears further show you my struggles and my
internal misery. Let it show you that I’m trying
to pull through and to survive but some days
are just harder than the others. These days I find my self shutting out of every mental reasoning consciously, I lack the spirit to do anything, I allow myself wallow in self-pity and become my biggest critic. I know I’m not supposed to do it but I give myself an excuse like every other being every now and then that I’m just human and there’s ONLY so much I can take”.

To every one whose familiar to some of the lines above, I’m not going to tell you that “you’ll be fine” because you’re prolly tired of hearing it, it hasn’t also stopped people from committing suicide or falling into depression . I’ll just switch up the narrative and tell you “make your self fine”. If you don’t take care of every part of yourself in it’s entirety, NO ONE WILL.

Have a reflective Friday and enjoy the rest of your weekend. 


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