Hi guys, Happy Sunday!
I’ve had a very busy day. I just returned from a conference of which I was awarded the best delegate of my committee😌and I feel really good cause it’s been added to my list of achievements.This post however, just got into my heart and I felt I should send it out immediately before it ends up drafted like a lot of posts waiting to get out there.

We all look at the mirror. When we dress up, when we do our make-up, when we’re brushing to check how red our tongue is, when we want to wash our faces … and the list is long. Yes if you’ve never heard this before I’m happy to be the first to tell you that strange and funny as it is, “you’ve never seen yourself physically” you’ve just being looking at the mirror and what other people tell you . In essence, you’ve been using a mirror to see your reflection.

However, have you sat down to think that you might be able to see more than your reflection in the mirror?
Have you looked at the mirror before and it’s like you’re stiring deep into your eyes.
You’re looking at your growth, how far you’ve come, how you overcame that challenge, how you scaled through that situation, how you survived that pain. It’s like you’re looking at the mirror and stirring deep Into your eyes, looking past your eyes and down to your soul, flashing back to memories past.

And then you smile still looking at the mirror, you tell yourself “Hey, you’re my only competition, I’ll strive to make you happy, I’ll try to make you better everyday, I’ll survive every hurt and pain because I have to make you strong for you, I have to make knowing you worth it…”

It might seem funny and sound weird but I’m deep like this and I make no apologies. In the end guys, trust me that’s one sanity check. It helps in making positive what you tell yourself everyday which in turn, creates an amazing mind-set.
I hope you get the message out of this post and do something with it.


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