Helluuur guys before anything is being said , it’s World Cancer Day and we send our love to cancer patients out there. So we’re going to embark on a journey for six days, reviewing Francine Rivers “Master piece”


Bobby Ray dean- Roman Velasco
He lost his mother to drugs, at 23 when he was just 7. Was in and out of foster homes, sold drugs, lost friends that were close to him through death. Afraid to love and thus built up walls because he felt he’d always be hurt just like how his mum left him untimely. Habored anger in his heart for years, of course the negative energy helped him in shutting people that loved him out and totally made him blinded to affection. Almost like he wanted to live in the world he built for himself in the real world.

Art was his way of expressing himself and so he poured all the negative energy into his art which was his distraction and way of escape.
Changed his name to Roman Velasco to run away from the child hood Bobby Ray Dean had. Had a successful career as an artist with money, women, cars all around him and a big mansion all to himself but still couldn’t fill that void till he met:

Grace Moore
She lost her parents at age 7 too. Her father was abusive and violent and her mother suffered it. Her father caused the death of her mother and killed himself, fortunately for her he didn’t kill her. She had to move in with her Aunt Elizabeth who was emotionally unavailable. Raised by an abusive father too, was suffering the loss of her only sister and everytime she looked at grace, was reminded of the man she never wanted her sister to marry that eventually killed her. She was hardened towards grace and wanted her to do the right things. Yes grace did everything with excellence but lacked values that would have been impacted with love such as a good self esteem and how to be emotionally strong and aware.

Thus as a teenager, she was forced to believe whatever a seemingly handsome boy would tell her just to have his way with her. She ended up marrying Patrick Moore who used her to get through school as she was trying to be the “excellent wife”. He eventually left her, she went to a club for the first time and trying to fit in, went home with this guy (had a one night stand) and well 9 months showed the difference which brought her son, Samuel into the world.

We have a lot of Grace Moore’s in life today, doesn’t have to be in the literal sense. Teenagers who have been caged through out secondary school in their fathers houses and see the university as a place to leverage on freedom with their raging teenage hormones. Some get away with it, some get pregnant and then start life feeling like a sorry case.
From another perspective, girls who have always been told what to do from home and would like to switch up things to go their own way but ended up in a sorry situation and an emotional roller coaster.
Talk about that girl whose parents are never emotionally available for her and so she finds comfort in some guy and boom realizes that, this life was prolly never what she painted. The guy prolly left her or never cared.

To be continued tomorrow…