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In continuation:
Brian Henley
He was the youth pastor who was dating Grace and later found out there was no spark between them. No butterflies, no adrenaline rush kind of feeling😂, he eventually found that spark with Shanice one of Grace’s friends. He became Romans best friend and opened him more to the realities of the gospel and who God really is.

Well on this one 😂😂😂sometimes you see this guy that ticks all your boxes but then there’s no spark, like you’re not feeling it and you’ll be feeling the spark with one Hot, naughty “coughs” back to the book please. Always allow time to tick in your relationships, never push things and never side-line a hunch or an inward feeling you can’t place.

Shanice, Nicole and Ashley
They were Grace’s friends. Shanice was the one that suggested Grace go to a club after her divorce with Patrick that eventually led to her having a son . Shanice almost couldn’t ever forgive herself, for the grave mistake she took in the bid to help her friend ease off . However that’s not the point.

The point is that, are mistakes really mistakes? I made a post about this some time last year (you can search on the blog for it). Are they mistakes or they are actually part of God’s plan for the bigger picture, to help us learn, grow and become who we really are. To teach us that we went our way, it didn’t work so why not try my way and see what my package looks like.

The child led to Grace seeking for a job and ending up as Roman Velasco’s personal assistant and the rest is good history. If she didn’t have that child, who knows she might have never been involved in Roman Velasco’s life and He would have never met the Lord and known peace. The “littlest” of details we over look as individuals are part of God’s big puzzle for our destiny.

As a Christian also, if you ever find yourself in the life of an unbeliever, try to shine the light. I’m not saying by force conversion, show this person how to come to a relationship with God and not religion. Show him/her how to fill one of the voids in human life which is having a purpose. If you don’t know the one who gives purpose how can you find your purpose?

To be continued tomorrow…