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Today, we’ll be talking about;

Romans near death experience
Grace had just finished telling Roman about how an angel used to visit her when her parents had just died and she felt safe hiding in her closet. He comforted her and told her she was safe that God was going to take care of her. Roman never believed in Jesus and got into a heated conversation with Grace asking where God was when his mother died or his friends died or when he was made to push drugs and ran from over 30 foster homes.

They got into a restaurant to eat and he had a heart failure. Found himself in between life and death and saw demons trying to get him and feeling helpless the only name he could mention was “Jesus” and he answered. That was the moment that transformed his life, he however had a life-time leg injury from the demons.

His experience says a lot. Firstly, it goes out to say what happens in the spiritual supercedes the physical and yes these things exist (your choice to believe). It goes out to say that in the end, we truly have just Jesus. That was the only name Roman could call in his helpless state and he was saved.
How long will it take you to call out to Jesus, how far gone would you be by then?

Not everyone is lucky to end up as Roman Velasco who was saved with his distraction and talent. People have different psyche. Someone might feel like hey “drugs killed my mum” I’m going to be a drug lord to prove that I survived drugs and it has nothing on me. Some might stay away from it but channel the negative energy else where.

Roman believed, forgave, saw life differently and saw how many times God saved his life. Sometimes the calling on our lives is different on to something greater and we might not be able to see it at first, we might be blinded to it because we’re looking at it from the perspective of our current situation and not the bigger picture. Roman made Christ the center of everything and his talent came into the bloom of its peak. He used his art to spread his salvation story. Which goes out to say that you are saved to save others. Your story can be just what someone needs to have his hope revived.

To be continued tomorrow…