Today I’ll just be sharing some meaningful words from the book that I found useful and very applicable to life. I advice you take a screenshot, favorite it on your device and draft it as a personal attachment on your mail. You could add some to your daily reminder too🤷🏽‍♀️

1. Sometimes the kid in us still manifests in the things we do. Sometimes what looks like gifts are gifts indeed.

2. Bobby Ray kept running. From what? To what? He didn’t know. Something wasn’t right, but he didn’t know what was wrong.

3. Sometimes we tend to forgive the people who hurt us while forgiving our selves is the greater challenge. Other times, we forgive the people who hurt us and cast the blame on those around us…

4. Never ignore the signs even when someone you hate or dislike is trying to show them to you. Don’t be blinded to reasonable knowledge due to hatred from the carrier of the message.

5. Going too far doesn’t mean you have to completely go all the way. It’s almost never late to turn back sometimes and completely never late other times.

6. Girls play at sex to get love, and guys play at love to get sex.

7. The heart of an artist, the mind of an author, different views, different perceptions spread across to the people of the world and left for them to either find the true meaning, facade or dwell in the shadows of supposedly false opinions.

8. Sometimes, the troubled childhood people face tend to make up who they really are. Formed from our fragile personalities and bruised egos. Brushed under the guise of “whAt do we know”

9. Don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel. The mantra of those who suffered abondment. There’s a lot of deep-seated anger in a child who’s been abandoned. Some turn to violence. Some hide or become people pleasers. What do you turn to? Not everyone under this fully survives it.

10. In the kingdom of God, It’s not seeing that’s believing but believing that’s seeing. (Read this till you understand it)
11. The longer you stay away from something, events unfold and the more excuses will provide itself to keep you away . 


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