Finally, It’s a wrap. To everyone who has followed through this journey, thank you so much for your willingness to learn and go through this with me. That being said,

I never have regrets every single time I read a Francine Rivers book .
This book has helped me to understand better what having a relationship with God means. Lately, I’ve been striving for not just religion but a relationship. To not just have a fixed prayer time but to pass messages to God during my day, to tell him how I feel and to listen to that still voice because it’s there.

To tell him my struggles and my challenges and to listen to his comforting words because this world well, it’s a tough place and Yes we can’t always get it ALL THE TIME. Infact, half of the time we even tend to be clueless and just resign and it’s like God you know what, I’m not even going to stress. I’ll take it one day at a time, one step at a time until I can see the bigger picture you’re trying to paint, I’ll trust you, I’ll trust the process. Yes I need grace to read my Bible daily, it’ll help me a lot but then again, well I’m quite lazy or I’d rather read in between devotional lines or someone’s whatsapp status or listen to a preacher or read a novel like this and get a message God is trying to say.

This book has also helped me in my quest of trying to not be judgemental, to try and see things from people’s point of view and have a mental reasoning with them. Yes, I have a lot of things I want to unlearn 2019 which you’ll see as time unfolds, just stay hooked on this blog😌.

Preachers have pushed religion to us and even our parents and it feels like God is this far dictator that sits in heaven but I’m happy the status-quo is changing and people are getting aware that he’s just “a talk” away from us. His spirit lives inside us and we have him every step of the way, to guide us, direct us , lift our burdens, give us peace and heal all our pain (which might seem intense but TEMPORARY). You don’t bother how he does it but be happy he does it either ways.

In all guys, we are truly God’s master piece. He has created something different and unique in us that only us can find out through him. Only him can fill that void that needs a purpose. Stop running because you’ll get tired. We’re not perfect, we want to follow our own way but his way is better (be my guest and try both ways).

It’s been an amazing time guys, read books, get the meaning, ask the Holy Spirit for help to see hidden words to understand better. Develop yourself as much as you can because part of what you’ll be in the end, is the books you read.