Hi guys, it’s Wednesday…one more day to Valzz and yes lately I’ve been more involved personally with my writing so that I can relate to everyone better. However, this is a piece from me that shows that despite the intellectual side you see of me, the Christian side and every other extras to my personality you might have noticed, I’M ALSO A SUCKER FOR LOVE.

Here goes…

When I say love you, I want all of you. Yes, It seems I’m speaking vaguely but I’ll help you out.
I want your perfection, the best you bring out in yourself. The smile you break into when you’re about to kiss me because you’re thinking “hey, you’re so beautiful and I’m so damn lucky” but right now I’m kissing you so I have to stop smiling.

I want the man you’re striving to be with your self and how you intend to be better, I want the man that is going to add value to me in terms of knowledge and well otherwise *coughs* I want the man that knows how to give me butterflies from a distance by saying the words he knows will appeal to me.

Ooh I want the man that’ll show me his raw emotions, the man whose strong for the both of us but not afraid to let me see his tears because he’s not Clark Kent though I’m Lois, not lane either ways. I want the man who can’t bear to hold a grudge because there’s so much he wants to tell me. I want the man who would travel the world with me and show me the hidden pieces that I fail to see.

I want the man who would respect me enough to involve me in his decisions not just because two heads are better than one but because he recognizes my importance in his life.
I want the man who would help me in my relationship with God. The man who is willing to learn and unlearn his ideologies with me. The man who is willing the grow in patience.

And yes I’ll be the woman that, not only wants to grow through your imperfections with you but
You’d have to find out for yourself right.?

Enjoy your valentine guys, I’ll be on my bed seeing a movie tomorrow too like every other day. SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE SINGLE PRINGLES, love yourself and be not depressed. It’s just ONE day.


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