Hellur guys, TGIF!; I’ll just go straight to the point. The inspiration behind this post was gotten from the picture “There is power in your story. How do you want to tell it?

Recently Phil Thompson was in Nigeria and he said that Nathaniel Bassey made a statement to him that “his worship comes from his life and his trumpet is the amplifier” and that blew my mind. Nathaniel bassey is a Nigerian gospel singer and on a personal note what his words meant to me was “hey, every song you hear me sing has a bit of memory of my story in it, and you might not be able to see it all so clearly but when I sing a particular song in my heart I know where this came from and the story behind it”. I THINK it’s safe to say he’s spreading his salvation story, his calling through the help of the Holy Spirit to reach people and touch lives.

Same goes to writers, authors, spoken word artistes, and oooh painters, artists and then again, I’m reminded that every body is indeed a fine piece of art with their story and how they choose to tell it. So the obvious question is “How are you choosing to tell your story?

Are you letting people tell your story for you by assuming your personality and lifestyle, by allowing them to interpret your character without them having an insight into the motive behind that character.

Are you taking your sweet time, waiting for that glory moment and spot light or you’re telling it in bits and pieces to save others, to bring hope to people, to tell people that there is a chance of survival for them because you survived worse?

There is power in your story, the power to save, the power to change lives, the power to heal and indeed the power to give hope to an individual in this humanity that we find ourselves.
Please tell it, give expression to it in whatever way you choose to and own it because it’s yours.

Enjoy your weekend, pray for peace and everything good; and Nigerians, please vote wisely.


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