Hey people… so I just saw this picture and it’s not the first time I’m seeing it just that this time around, it struck a different chord. This is a very delicate topic however, I’m just TOUCHING deep surfaces. Nothing intimate so let your heart not be troubled.

It hit me that 80% of the equality that women fight for and champion when looked at deeply, we already have it but then we are hindered with two major factors. Education and Unity. Now I’ll buttress more.
Part of what I’m doing now is engaging in the first “education”. Education also covers enlightenment which is done very widely and our efforts are commendable in that though we still need more work(rural areas, Northern Nigeria and other countries) but I won’t really focus much on that.

Unity on the other hand. Women are sooo much of a powerful gender that when united can do anything. However, I’ll just run a list of “what if’s”
-what if as a lady you know this man that approached you is married and you decide to shun him and say no.
-what if as a lady, you know this guy is dating your friend and you shun his passes and attempts at flirting with you.
-what if as a lady you form an alliance with other ladies to give sanitary pads and provisions to young teenage girls that may be forced by harsh conditions to sell their bodies for it.
-what if as a lady you use that excess money that you plan on buying hairs and other fashion items in their “excessiveness” and invest it in trying to give a girl child a better life by organizing seminars and carrying out enlightenment campaigns.

The list is long but in a nutshell from the scenarios, as a lady you could have prevented (divorce, hate, prostitution, ignorance)
The thing is, this unity cannot fully be achieved because most times, we’re consumed with hate and jealousy and some other pettiness. I’m not saying men don’t have a part to play in this but all I’m saying is that we know were it hurts and so the greater responsibility falls on us to revive us and make us work. Divided, we’ll “think” we’ve achieved and fall back but UNITED, we can actually contribute to making the world a better place. Lastly I’ll end with this.

Dear female, there’s more to you than your physique, assets and domestication. START SOMETHING, strive not to be a liability, move from being ordinary, boost your confidence command RESPECT and contribute to the growth and happiness of your fellow female in your little way. You can actually do it because indeed there’s so much more to you. 


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