Hellllo guys…How is everyone doing…
A big-shout out to Nigerians out there. The ones that voted during the presidential elections, the ones that didn’t vote due to reports of violence, looking through social media, the ones that were in school and couldn’t vote(like me), even the Nigerians in diaspora showing support. Everyone is recognized.

Synergy in basic terms is “working together”. Now a lot of people prefer to work alone. They’re “lone-wolfs”. I’m a perfect example. I’d rather deliver an assignment as a person than in a group because the group problem is too much. You’ll start chasing people and all of that. I see that as completely unnecessary but then again, I’m well aware that the point of working in a group is team work which creates togetherness, better knowledge sharing, new ideas and a lot more. That’s what synergy does for you.

Let’s be practical and shake just one leg of so many tables; How come Nigerians know Northern Nigeria to be the region with so much insecurity, violence and unrest. Infact on the election morning, they were still bomb blasts in Maiduguri but these people went out to vote their candidates. Then again on a side note I ask, How come Boko-haram reduced their activities in the north and Violence increased in the south (This just hit me right now). Well at least you’re seeing synergy even in its tinniest form.

Bottom line guys, leverage on synergy. A lot of us want to put ourselves out there, take on huge humanitarian projects, build and create something to impact our world. However, it is important to note that WE CANNOT DO THIS ALONE. Two heads are better than one, talk more of multiple heads coming together to combine resources, allocate positions and work as a team.

On that note, I’ll give a…
Shout-out to: @zamaniarts @thebighangout
Check them out on ig
Zamani is a good example of someone leveraging on synergy. He works with his team and they pull huge hang out events with massive crowd turn-out in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. Keep growing brother.

Well, that’s my side knowledge for this week. Start looking for people and gradually work on that team. Embrace the imperfections with everybody and look at what each person has to offer. Trust me in the end, y’all end up being family.Catch y’all on Friday😊.
Stay blessed.


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