Hey people😌. I’m sorry I’ve not been consistent. This is me apologizing in advance because you’ll be experiencing this inconsistency for some time. Reason being that there are a lot of activities that I’m going to be involved in (of course I’ll drop some pictures for you). So please try to be understanding because trust me, these activities are gonna be back to back.

To wrap up this week officially, I’ll be talking about STRUCTURAL UNEMPLOYMENT. I came across this word again after hearing it a couple of years back in my secondary school. Goes out to show that sometimes you know something but you have to be reminded about it because the concept is stirring at you in the face.

Structural unemployment is basically a form of unemployment caused by a mismatch between the skills that workers in the economy can offer, and the skills demanded of workers by employers (also known as the skills gap). Structural unemployment is often brought about by technological changes that make the job skills of many workers not useful (Wikipedia definition)

Creating awareness of this is necessary because we live in a world were there is a very high chance that you can be super successful NOT by the degree you graduated with. I was at a job fair this week and one of the companies rep was like in one minute, sell yourself and tell us why you’re employable.

Nobody came out to say “I’m a student of this, I go for 7am classes, I’m on a what point cgpa, my ca is this out of this”. Me singing 🎤 “Hell to the no, to the no no no”. I’m just going to go straight to the point and tell you that yes not everybody can acquire technical skills but what of soft skills. The likes of critical thinking, being a good team player, working under pressure, flexibility and adaptability and many more. Now add this to your “degree” voila.

You can also take online certificate courses from your phone basically . Visit sites like cousera, Allison…etc (GOOGLE IT!). Go to extra mile because times are changing, the world is becoming more dynamic and your definition of “a lot” can be to someone else “too little”



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