Some parts of Southern Nigeria, you are called IYINGIMA, the Hausas in Northern Nigeria call you UWAR, the Yorubas in Western Nigeria call you IYA, the Igbos in Eastern Nigeria call you NNE, The Sundanese call you INDUNG. You are OHEMA to the Ghanaians…

Your womb housed me in my homeless state, your milk gave me life when I was short of breath. Your beauty you transferred to me, Your corrections moulded me. Your sacrifices taught and inspired me. Every day you survived gave me strength and your smile told me there was hope.

For all that you do that you’re not recognized, know that your stage is in my heart. For all the public applauds that you never got, I made a private cheering room for you. For all the sacrifices that we never knew about, I pray you find it in your heart to forgive our seeming ingratitude. For all the prayers and faith extended towards us, we join our faith with you in the spirit. For all the boundless and imperfect love, we can’t cry you a river in appreciation because it wouldn’t be enough.

We are aware that Motherhood isn’t taught and there is no black and white rule to raising children. Hence sometimes your love may backfire and our difficulty finally penetrating it. You might misread us and think you’re using the “right” approach. You get frustrated and it’s like “God, I never saw this coming and I sure wasn’t this difficult”. Amidst all odds you’ll take the bullet for us without thinking twice.

To all the sisters forced by life to be mothers, I’m in awe of your strength.To all the single mothers out there, I say thank you for being the father and mother.
To all the single fathers out there, who are gonna be stuck with teenage girls on their periods, I’m saying you rock out of this world.
To all the mothers dreaming of mother hood, it is my prayer that your dream becomes a reality and your prayers become answered.
To all the mothers who balance taking care of children, impacting them spiritually and otherwise, breaking the career world and finding time to try to be good wives and good mums, my sheroes, my queens…
To my mum, Mrs Abiye. Your reward can only be in heaven.


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