Hey babe, I got you ice cream on my way back from work. Just As you like it.
Thanks baby.. that’s why I love you. You gonna sleep over or you’re just gonna head home??
I’ll rather head home, got a couple of things to do but I’ll definitely call before I zone out for the day.
Okay b… you’re the best *kisses him* drive safe.

In the car, driving through the traffic with head throbbing.
Thinks about the idea he’s working on, how he’s in need of capital, how his boss was just being a pussy ass nigga at work today.
Gets home, eats his morning left overs, takes his bath and sits on the couch trying to watch the football highlights. Catches himself zoning out “I’m supposed to call her”

Hey babe Just wanted to say “Good night, you mean the world to me and I love you “
Love you too hun.

A PARTIAL REPRESENTATION no doubt but this is me praying and hoping that you understand the words behind the content and look critically at the context.
How committed are you in that relationship?
Physically ✅
How about emotionally?

Emotional commitment can be seemingly toxic initially because you’re vulnerable to this person in most of your thoughts and not just actions.
But pause…
Don’t you think there’s beauty in knowing that someone embraces wholeheartedly your imperfections, sees passed beyond whatever judgements they have and still picks you all the same.

Hey you, you might say just being there is enough for me and I can handle the rest but as much as I’m your happy place, I want to be your thinking place, your vulnerable place, your spiritual place and any other place. I’m not asking for too much and you don’t have to bare it all immediately. Take your sweet time, process it, we’re not rushing. One step at a time but I have to see these intentional steps because…

Just so you know, if you’re not going to be emotionally committed to me…You can as well use the door out.
Hey, not from the front but from the side because you messed up. 
Have a splendid week ahead.


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