Layers upon layers serving as covering for the utmost protective and delicate area.
If you peel these layers, you’re going to hurt me because it’s like ripping off my skin. It’s like pulling off my epidermis to reveal my dermis and you’ll agree with me that doing that intentionally is madness.
Are we actually being serious here?
Well not literally.
But let’s look at it this way.
You’re being called upon for investigation and torturing on the side. If you tell them what they want to hear, they let you go but if you tell them otherwise, it’s intense torture and what’s this torturing technique…
There’s a skin peeler which will be used to peel all the layers of your skin protecting your dermis.
Let’s just say…
Either you’re subjected to that or the life of your best friend. Seeming like you have a choice in there right?
So the real question is: Is your best friends life worth it?
Did you actually have a choice or you just “chose” to do it for your best friend.
Well that’s what it feels like,
Letting someone in to peel off those layers until he gets to the dermis then what next,
Is he gonna leave it exposed to infections(exploiting your vulnerabilities)
Is he gonna treat it and watch how the new skin grows?
Yes you might say why’d he peel off the layers just to watch them grow back. Here’s me telling you…

A lot of us have dead skin, thick skin that were layered not just naturally but with bitterness, hatred, tears, fear…along side and if the foundation is corrupted, the body is too.
So yeah, I ask again:
Is he gonna leave that dermis exposed to infections and the risk of another dead skin growing
He’s gonna HELP you treat it and watch a renewed skin.

The End.

What I’m NOT saying
-I’m not saying you can’t fix or take care of you
-I’m not saying you must need somebody all the time.
-I’m not saying it has to be from the opposite gender.

Having said that, it’s your choice to be objective with this piece and how it ministers to you. 
TGIF…Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 😊


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