Happy new month guys. I’m sure we all rested during the workers day, yes I was resting too😂😂.
Okay, this wasn’t supposed to be the post for today but then I just wanted to give you something light at the same time serious to think on that’s why there’s a question mark headlining the title of this post.

So a lot of people would want to be critical about this. You get into some conversations about life and hear people say things like
“What is life…”
“Did I beg to be born?…”
“Life is a joke…”
“You live and die, what’s the point…”

Most times, people utter these things from a place of frustration, depression, disappointment, emotional conflict, pain, hurt, unhappiness, emptiness and you just name it and I’m not dismissing these feelings because every human being has gone through one of the above.

BUT… How about you look at it this way
How about you deal with the fact that hey “ I ain’t gonna go up into my mother’s womb and first of all shrink and then diminish into a sperm and have my Mum just urinate and pass me about”. 😂😂 You wish😒.

Hey folks, accept that you’re already in this life and to go out, you’ll have to die and well let’s just say I’m not considering death an option.
So what then do we say to life,
We’re going to work on that idea, create that value, cause impact, find purpose, leave people better than we met them and create meaning for ourselves in this life, ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Reading the title with the question mark effect, I know you expected me to do some criticism. However,
The earlier you see life as a gift and strive in whatever meaningful passion and purpose you find yourself doing, the better you’ll be at not eating yourself up.

I wish you the very best the Month of May has to
Offer, it shall be to you a month of testimonies and uncommon wisdom.
Enjoy your weekend and stay blessed. 


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