Hi guys,
Before I go on, I would like to state that Wednesday’s post will not be as regular, due to some projects I’m working on for the blog but Friday’s post will be constant. Having said that, WE MOVEEE.

Here goes;
So a month ago, I was given an amount of money to buy something I needed, I used it for something else and since I can’t ask my parents for the money again, I decided to run a low budget and go to the market to buy it.
As a Nigerian, don’t make a mistake of going to the market say you’re coming back from owambe(party) or you’re on your way or you’re going to turn up. Don’t even stop at the market because your price automatically increases with an over the board look . The traders will assume “say you hol money”(you’re rich) and will want to make an abnormal profit over you.

I went for my driving classes. Knowing fully well I was going to stop at the market, I was a bit worried. My hair was good, my nails on fleek,I’m like “God let these people not charge me ooh” be calling price I won’t have. At some point, I even wanted to remove my wig in an attempt to “reduce my babeness”. The internal conflict was great guys😂

Next thing, I looked at my bag, it had no zip but it was quite deep. I put my phone in between books in case of attempt to tear the bag, I couldn’t even bring out my phone in the market because apart from automatic price increment, you don’t want your phone or bag snatched.
P.s(it was never that deep but please I was taking it deep) I want to be a lot of things but the last is market gist because I mean, we hear stories.
I bought what I wanted and I’m on my bed in one piece.

My point…
Why do people want to make abnormal profits off others due to ignorance of the original cost, is that the Nigerian government too?
I didn’t even talk about the harassment ladies receive in markets which I really don’t know if it can even be eradicated again because if these male traders have not touched you (e be like say body go dey pepper them).
Did the Nigerian Government make you to harass ladies too?

P.s- I don’t know if this happens in other countries and not all traders do it but what I know is that,
It is disturbing because, if market traders that are way down when compared to government officials can cheat you to stupor, why then do they complain about them when they steal.
When we say what is the way forward, In this Nigeria, we actually need to ask ourselves,
The trader might one day get to that government post, what’s the probability of not doing same thing?..RECYCLING BAD HABITS.
Nuff said.

Thanks for viewing my gist
See you guys on Friday. 


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